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Reptile Petting Zoo Programs


Little Explorers Petting Zoo reptile programs are the perfect choice for enhancing your curriculum, festival, assembly, after-school program, or summer camp! Your students will receive amazing hands-on experience with a wide variety of our friendly animals without the expense of sending them off campus or losing critical curriculum minutes. All of our animals are presented by our educated, passionate reptile educators. All of our programs are hands-on. We are there to help each child have an amazing experience at their comfort level. It is wonderful to be able to watch a child discover creatures previously only seen in books. We can easily customize our zoo presentation to meet your learning needs. Petting zoo's are a great activitiy for all grade levels.

Please contact us for details. 

 Call at (510) 357-8279 to book your event today!

Farm Animals Petting Zoo


Your party will always include 25 of our friendly farm animals. An alpaca, a pot belly pig, a large tortoise, goats and sheep, chickens, ducks, and bunnies. Two animal handlers will accompany the animals to your location. Your students / guests will have an opportunity to feed the animals a small snack and learn how to hold the smaller ones! We offer animal brushes and a hand sanitizing station at our pen's exit. There is have a maximum of 15 guests inside the petting zoo at one time to ensure safety and one-on-one experience with our animals. Let us know what you are learning about and we can incorporate this into our visit!


$365 for 2 hour

Travel and set up fee may apply.


Little Spinners


Our Little Spinners program takes kids back in time on a little history lesson that shows them how to make yarn by hand! During this hands on program students will learn all of the steps that make this process works and make sense. In the end they will have made a project to take home! From pre-school on up, we can cater the information and difficulty level to match your student’s needs.


Our goal is for students to learn and have fun, while unlocking the mystery of how this process works. Not only will children learn the process- we will also provide a display of 12 different varieties of fiber (plant, animal, and insect) for touching and feeling.


All of the tools and supplies will be provided. This program can be done inside the classroom or out on the play yard. This program can come with fiber animals for petting, our 25 Farm Animals Petting Zoo or stand alone as a rainy day project.

Little Spinners: $265 for 1 hour

Little Spinners, plus 25 Farm Animals Petting Zoo: $585 for 2 hours of both


Travel fee may apply


Rent-A-Classroom Pet 


Having pets in the classroom is a wonderful way to get kids excited about learning! A short animal visit is always fun, but a week-long stay lets children observe them like the little scientists they naturally are. This is a great way to attain the enrichment of a classroom pet without the full-time commitment. 


Please give us a call we will help you choose a pet that meets your learning needs and situation. We will deliver, set up, pick up, and  show you how to properly handle and care for your pet. Each pet comes with a "lunch box" that has all supplies needed during your pets week stay. A short classroom presentation will be provided by one of our animal handlers for education.


$145 per pet for one week, Travel fee may apply


Choose from  Madagascar Hissing Roaches, Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons,  tree frogs , a tortoise, a chameleon, and a chicken.

Reptile Petting Zoo


Our reptile petting zoo is a great opportunity for a hands-on experience with a variety of creatures-  a Bearded Dragon, large tortoise, Tree Frogs, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Crested geckos, Tarantula, Iguana, and a few snakes.   They are introduced one at a time. First some intersting facts are given, then our animal handler helps each child have a chance to hold /pet them.  This program is versatile and can easily acommodate your curruculim.  Best if done indoors as reptiles are sensative to extreeme temperatures. If you would like an outside event, please contact us. 


$315 for 1 hours

Travel fee  may apply.


Animal Discoveries 


Animal Discoveries is a 1 hour hands-on classroom program that teaches students the defining characteristics between  mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Animal visitors will include Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Tree Frogs, Bearded Dragons, tortoise, chickens, and rabbits. This program is vesitle and can easily incorporate what your students are learning.


$315 for 1 hour 

(1 hour can accomodate one presentation)

Travel and set-up fees may apply.

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