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Now offering virtual animal visits! 


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A message about COVID-19  

To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, our petting zoo will no longer be open for in-person visits.  For questions or concerns please call our booking manager at this new number as she is working remotely: 

Vanessa at 510-880-7940. 


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Our mission in what we do

We, at Little Explorers, are professional educators who have a passion for animals and their positive influence they can bring to others! We strive to share this through our educational programs and gentle interactions with our animals through hands-on guided activities. We are committed to helping our guests reconnect with wildlife by building friendships with our animals and practicing empathy and kindness towards these sentimental beings.


We are fully


We are USDA





What Do We Do?
We provide an opportunity for hands-on experiences with a variety of our friendly animals at the location of your choice. You can choose from one of our packages that include farm animals, reptiles, or a little of both. Types of events can range (but are not limited to) birthday celebrations, school and daycare visits, city events and street festivals, pumpkin patches, weddings, and photography opportunities. Events with 10 guests or 10,000 guests are no problem! We have great customer service, loads of experience and we love, love, love our animals!

How Do We Treat Our Animals?
We believe that how we treat our animals is a reflection of how they treat us. The old saying "Do unto others as others would do unto you," is a great philosophy that we live by.
We try our hardest to keep their feelings and well-being #1 in our minds with each action we take. They are first and foremost our pets!
Their health & safety are our first priorities. We ensure that their enclosures are well maintained with clean facilities, fresh water, and nutritious food.
Our staff is always watching out for the animals to ensure that they are happy and healthy. Plus, it helps to be cuddled with every day, too!

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