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Additional Services

Interested in adding a special topping to your petting zoo visit? We do offer a couple of options for those of you who feel you are missing just one more thing to make your celebration perfect!


*Please note we can only provide one additional service unless otherwise agreed to by a Little Explorers representative. These are only in conjunction with one of our petting zoo packages, and cannot be booked as a singular service. Availability may vary.

Reptile Add-On’s

We also offer the option of adding up to two reptiles to your petting zoo! This service works best for small-to-medium sized events, and we do have a maximum add-on number of two reptiles. All of our reptiles are super friendly, and our handlers provide guided care for your guests to handle and hold when we visit!


Our options include: small / medium sized snake, bearded dragon, white tree frog, or Madagascar hissing cockroaches.


To add 1 Reptile, there is a $45.00 fee.

To add 2 Reptiles, there is a $75.00 fee.

20150912_153316 (1)_edited.jpg
ball python.jpg

Glitter Tattoos

Let us add sparkle to your next party with our custom Glitter Tattoos! With over 200 stencils and 35 color options to choose from, there is something unique for everyone! Glitter tattoos are a long-lasting alternative to face painting, and with proper care, your sparkle can last up to 10 days! They can easily be added onto each of our petting zoo packages.


Our products are non-toxic, cosmetic-grade and safe to use on all skin types. Appropriate locations for glitter tattoos included and may be limited to the back of the hand, wrist, or forearm. One of our artists can accommodate about 15 glitter tattoos in one hour.


Want a custom-made stencil for a special occasion? We can do that too! Contact us directly to inquire further about your glitter tattoos needs.


$75.00 for one hour, or $150 for two hours. Additional rates may apply for an extended time.

Look around at some of our favorite

tattoos from past party visits!

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