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Kiss-A-Pig Fundraiser

Kiss-A-Pig is a great fundraiser reward! What better way to reward them than with their favorite principal or teacher smooching a pig! We have lots of ideas to help you raise money.

1 pig, 1 animal handler, for 1 hour



Here is how it works:

  1. Set a goal. For example- read a certain number of books as a group, meet an attendance goal, sell a certain amount in a fundraiser, that sort of thing. Then the fun part comes- pick out who will kiss the pig!

  2. When students meet their goal they are rewarded with a kiss-a-pig assembly. Yay!

  3. On the day of your assembly, your pig will arrive 10- 15 minutes prior to "showtime" and wait with its handler, out of sight. 

  4. Once the pig has been introduced. It will walk out on its leash for a short introduction and some smooching with the human guest of honor.

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