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Quick Look at Prices

Petting Zoo's for Parties


* 25 Farm Animals Petting Zoo - $395.00 for 2 hoursTravel and set up fee's       may apply.

* 15 Reptile Petting Zoo - $315.00 for 1 hour.  Travel fee may apply.

*Animal Discoveries - $315.00 for 1 hour.  Travel fee may apply.

*Little Spinners - $265.00 for 1 hour. Travel fee may apply.

The following programs are only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

* Cute and Cuddly Petting Zoo - $315.00 for 1 hour. Travel fee may apply.

* Bunnies and Beardies Petting Zoo - $315.00 for 1 hour. Travel fee may apply.

* Cuddly Bunnies Petting Zoo - $315.00 for 1 hour. Travel fee may apply.


Accessories and Additions

*Add Glitter Tattoos to any party for $75.00 per hour. One hour accommodates 15  children.

*Add a reptile or two to any petting zoo program! $45.00 for one reptile.  $75.00  for two.



Petting Zoo's for School

* 25 Farm Animals Petting Zoo - $365.00 for 2 hours. Travel and set up fee's  may apply.

*15 Reptile Petting Zoo - $315.00 for 1 hour. Travel fee may apply.

*Animal Discoveries- $315.00 for 1 hour. Travel fee may apply.

*Little Spinners- $265.00. Travel fee may apply.

*Rent-A-Class Pet- $145.00 for a one week visit. Travel fee may apply.



Kiss-A-Pig or Llama Visit

* One pig for kissing for one hour is $250.00. One animal handler will accompany the animal. Travel fee may apply.



Travel Fee

* Our travel fee cost $1.25 per mile, one-way, from us to you. We use GoogleMaps© to determine mileage. We need your event's address to calculate this fee. Sometimes, if you are outside of our travel area, an additional fee will apply.


Set-up Fee

        * A set-up fee is charged when we are not setting up the 25 Farm Animals Petting Zoo on          grass or dirt. When we set up on a hard surface (like a parking lot, playground, garage,              patio, etc) we need to ensure that the animals feet are comfortable. We will lay bedding            (hay, wood chips, or both) down on the ground and sweep it up, take it away, and dispose          of it when we are done. This hay-set up costs $25.00. Hay and Tarp set up is $50.00

       *The set-up fee does not apply to the Reptile Petting Zoo.


Insurance Certificates

*If you are a school or  business and require proof of insurance, there is no charge. 

*If you are a school or business and you need an additional insured certificate- $25.00

*If you are a school or business and need an insurance certificate that is more in depth, a special quote will be required.


Large Events

* Each Large Event is unique. Please contact us for a quotation at (510) 357-8279. 

Day Rate

If you event runs 4 hours or longer, you may be charges a day rate. Set up fees and travel fees are included in the day rate. 

*Saturday and Sunday $1250.00

*Monday through Friday $950.00






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